Hi Everyone!

Covid Hours *Lehigh St location – 11 am-6 pm Mon-Sat, Closed Sunday*

We currently have shortened hours and do not offer indoor dining at this time. We feel we have a responsibility to our customers and staff to make sure everyone is safe. We understand that navigating the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, lets stay safe and continue fighting.  Remember to wear your masks when visiting the restaurant we also offer call-ahead take out.  Place your orders by calling 610-797-7009 [Lehigh Street] 610-435- 3260[15th Street]


Thank you for your continued patience and support!

-The Willy Joe’s Team


  • Our Famous Hot Dog

    With our special Chili sauce, Yellow Mustard, and Onions

    Also available with American Cheese, Sauerkraut, Pickles and Peppers.

  • Legendary Sides

    Chili Cheese Fries

    Semi skin-on French Fries piled high, then covered in a creamy Cheese Sauce,and finished off with our Famous Chili Sauce.  Fries like you’ve never had before!


About Us

Willy Joe’s has been serving the finest, most delicious hot dogs in the area since 1945! At Willy Joe’s, quality Berks hot dogs are smothered in our special tangy sauce, yellow mustard, and crisp onions, giving you a taste tempting, mouth watering hot dog that beats them all.

Stop in and give ‘em a try!

-Matt & Rich



The Cheese Steak

Our Steak sandwiches come on a fresh Vallos Bakery roll, with American Cheese, Fried Onions, our Special Chili Sauce, and a Secret Steak Sauce.  Topped off with Pickles and Hot Peppers, it's like no Steak Sandwich you've had before.

just $549

The S.O.B.

The S.O.B or "Steak On a Burger" is truly a legendary sandwich.  Take everything you love about our Cheese Steak, and pile it on top of the Cheeseburger, and smother it in American Cheese.  Served on a Vallos Kaiser roll with all the Chili and Steak Sauce you'd expect, Onions, Pickles, and Peppers.

just $679

Double Cheeseburger

Two Quarter Pound Patties stacked high, coated in American Cheese, lathered with our Special Steak Sauce, crisp Raw Onions, and piled with Pickles.  Spice it up with some hot banana peppers if you dare.

just $605


Have a Willy Wonderful Day!